Crowns and Bridges

A dental crown is a full covering around the tooth, which often referred to as a ‘cap’. Crowns may be the perfect way to restore your tooth when you teeth are misshapen, uneven in size, severe decay to require a root canal, discoloured, chipped, or breakdown.

In some case, your teeth may have been lost. A dental bridge is a simple, cost-effective option to replace a missing tooth or teeth to restore your tooth’s or teeth’s function and aesthetics.

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Dental Crown

Once the structure of your tooth has been reduced and weakened. A dental crown can restore the tooth, protecting form further breakage and ensuring strong again. Deu to advances in technology, you can have crowns that appear no different to your natural teeth and colour also matching to you surrounding teeth. Many different materials can be used for our dental crowns depends on best suite your needs of condition of tooth. Our dentist may advised any of the following: Ceramic (Emax or Zirconia) or Metal (Gold) crown.

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a fixed dental prosthesis to replace a missing tooth or teeth. The teeth beside the space where a tooth or teeth once was or were, serve as anchors for the bridge. Those anchor teeth are prepared to crowns to attach replacement tooth or teeth, called pontic tooth or teeth, to restore normal function and aesthetic.

It is appropriate for those who aren’t candidates for or don’t wish to have dental implant. Getting dental bridge is a quick process, taking just about two weeks to complete.

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