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Facial Injectables in Meadowbank & Ryde, West Ryde

Our facial muscles are used numerous times each day. They’re used every time you open and close your mouth, smile, or throw someone a kiss. Over the years, these repetitive and sometimes hyperactive motions may cause Temporomandibular Dysfunction (TMD) on the superficial skin.

Woman getting facial injectionThis may show symptoms such as headaches, facial tenderness, particularly around the cheeks and jaw, earaches or feelings of fullness in or around the ears, tightness in the jaw, popping and clicking sounds when eating or opening the mouth, locking of the jaw, and difficulty chewing. Tooth clenching and grinding, and losing the youthful elasticity of the skin may also present.

Our dentists at Meadowbank Family Dental are trained to anesthetise cranial nerves in the head and neck area that are critically sensitive. Experienced in giving painless injections, we are more knowledgeable about, and trained to handle, the oral maxillofacial areas. Our skilled professionals diagnose the cause of your TMD, tooth grinding, and the facial lines that result, and may treat the condition by using Botulinium ToximType A (BTx-A), an injectable muscle relaxant.

What Is BTx-A and How Does It Help Me?

BTx-A is a purified natural protein, which acts as a muscle relaxant targeting the specific overactive muscles causing TMD or TMJ. Quick and painless Botox injections deliver targeted treatment, relaxing the muscles that control the jaw, preventing wear on teeth and alleviating facial pain. TMJ treatments also have an aesthetic effect of naturally slimming the face, narrowing the appearance of a square or wide jaw.

Upper face areas can also be treated with Botox to help with tension headaches and facial pain associated with TMJ. Treating these areas also helps reduce the signs of aging that come from heavy contraction of muscles.

A full medical history is taken before any clinical procedures take place. As with any other medical or dental procedure, facial injectables carry risks. Before proceeding, we suggest you seek a second opinion from a qualified professional.

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Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.

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